The last second

1.0 second The brakes are locked. You are rigid with fright. No way out.

0.9 second White knuckles grasp the steering wheel.

0.8 second Only 300 cm to the tree.

0.7 second The bumper and the radiator grille are crushed.

0.6 second At 80 km/h your body flies forward against the belts. Your effective weight is more than 3 tonnes and 20 g will lift you from your seat. Your legs break at the knee.

0.5 second Your broken knees press against the dashboard. The cover and the steel frame of the steering wheel bend under your hands.

0.4 second The front 600 mm of the car totally destroyed. Your body continues forward at 80 km/h. The engine, weighing almost half a tonne, crashed into the impediment.

0.3 second You Hands, rigid in fear, bend the steering wheel almost vertical. The wristss and forearms break. The steering column drills into your breast. Splinters of steel rip holes in your lung, shredding the inner arteries and filling the lungs with blood.

0.2 second Your shoes are torn from your feet. The brake pedal snaps. The bodyshell folds in the middle. Bolts snap, srews break off. Your head hits in the windscreen. You have no time to scream.

0.1 second The car is bending. The seats leaving their mountings, fly forward and press your body mercilessly into the shredded steering wheel. Blood gushes from your mouth. Shock stops your heart.
You are dead !