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Alfa Romeo 155 2.0TS

Little mudlark! I owned this 155 TS for more than two years, but I don´t have pictures of it looking tidy or with the colour looking realistic. Many people take photos of this 155, on account of the frontal design.

This 155 proved very reliable. Once I drove non-stop as fast as the road would allow (illegal. I know) to Barcelona in Spain and back, a round trip of 3.000km almost in one day. I tend to wath the gauges when driving hard, especially temperature, but on this trip the only one that worried me was fuel: everything else stayed in the green.

As you can see, the car was lowered, using EIBACH shortened springs and KONI shocks. The 7½" SPEEDLINE alloys carry 225/45-16 tyres. The car has a MOMO steering wheel and all the usual mods...I haven´t checked it out, but I´d expect it to produce around 180bhp, on account of a modified ECU, some mechanical work and a 4-into-1 tubular manifold and freeflow exhaust system. It not only goes well, it sounds wonderful!

2.0TS,   170hp,   225/45-16,   Speedline 7.5"x16"
@ 1995

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