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  Alfa Romeo 155 Q4

    2.0 Q4
    OZ 9.5"x17"
    ALCON brakes, 4-pistons, 320mm disc
    adjustable suspension
I drove this 155 Q4 (the only one in this configuration) for two seasons.

There are some 155Q4 with fender like this, and also some Q4s with the same engine, but no others with both! Now this engine has a Garrett GT25/40R and an electronic overboost system. Normally they are boosted to 0.75 bar, which will produce 275hp, but this Garrett can be boosted to 1.5 bar, which increases the power to 330bhp.
Porsche 911s or Ferrari 348s are fun to toy with on my excursions to the San Bernadino Pass or via Reschen across the Alps. Admittedly I have 4WD, which is a great help on the bends. A few 911s also have 4WD, but mostly they have a tiger in the tank and a donkey at the wheel!! It´s always fantastic fun!

To my regret, I need to raise funds for the next project and so I must sell the 155 Q4, but I´ll ensure it goes into the good hands of someone who´ll appreciate it.

@ 1997

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