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Alfa Romeo Giulietta 3.0

picture from 2001

picture from 2003

with new hood and modified frontspoiler
9"x17" with 225/35-17 & 10"x17" with 245/35-17
brembo brake with 330mm & Porsche-calibers

One day, Tequila Sunrise in hand, I looked at my Q4 and thought it would be fun to hit the bends with a Alfa like this equipped with rear Wheel drive. Not, of course, an underpowered version, but with a V6, longitudinally-mounted. I knew that ENGSTLER, an Alfa dealer and modifier in Wiggensbach near my home, had a Q4 bodyshell. An idea was born! However, when I was investigated, I found that the bodyshell was gone. Damn! I thought back to my earlier days, driving GTVs and Giuliettas. OK, it had to be a Giulietta. The Giulietta was never offered by factory with an engine larger than 4cylinder, 2.0litre twin-cam, unlike the GTV which came with the V6. A few days later I got a rust-free Giulietta from Italy.       ...and the struggle began.

"Lilly from the valley"       October 1998
After dismantling the Giulietta I fixed up a new floorpan, so I could mount torsion bars from a late Milano/75. I raised the floor of the trunk to provide more room for the exhaust. I modified the front to take twin round headlamps, and that was the heavy work finished, aithough the wings were something of a fight. Some "minor" modifications on the inside, another the month goes by.

some hardcorehours after December 1999
I,m far away from optimal weight. Onto the new bodywork I put a layer of Rosso Alfa 130 and clear lacquer. This was enhanced by black in certain areas, also lacquered. After the nerve-racking masking for the flag, I spray the silver and a final coat of lacquer! As I said the wings were not my best friends, but they worked out ok.

February 2000

July 2000
Now it's time for the first time on the road. This with a gearbox from a 75 1.8 turbo, which has an ratio of 4.3:1 and has since been optimized with a 45% ZF differential lock.
The connection to the track was made by rims of the sizes 7½x16 and 9½x16, and 225 and 245 tires.

Dadurch, dass ich nun nicht mehr den originalen Ansaugtrakt verwende (wie z.B. in GTV und 75), sondern mit Teilen vom AR 164 3.0 einen speziellen Ansauger anfertigte, passt alles unter die Motorhaube, ohne dass diese abgeändert werden musste.
Zudem konnte ich somit anstatt einer jetronic ohne viel Umstände eine motronic verwenden.

Ende 2001 wurde die Giulietta wieder komplett zerlegt.

Für eine bessere Beatmung erfolgte eine Umrüstung auf Einzeldrosselklappenanlage.
Dies brachte leider eine Änderung der Motorhaube mit sich; wegen der Bauhöhe der Klappenkörper.

Der Motor hat inzwischen eine leichte Überarbeitung erhalten:
neue Kolben/Buchsen, C&B-Nockenwellen, geänderte Kanäle, modifizierte Kurbelwelle, erleichterte Schwungscheibe...

@ 2003

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