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Stratos-Alfa Romeo

Hawk Kitcar, powerd by Alfa Romeo

This HF3000 is a Kit Car from Hawk, UK that apparently will be better than the original Lancia Stratos rally car of the 70's that was bodied by Bertone. The chassis of folded steel and tubing replicates the original design but is much lighter and is powder coated. The body is also an exact replica and the suspension components are machined from high strength steel, heat treated, surface ground and plated. The suspension is highly adjustable for both road and track use. Power plant is the Alfa Romeo 164 12v V6, but there are also other versions HP2000/2400/2700 listed that use Lancia Beta or Thema, Ferrari and Sterling/Honda engines.
See Hawk web site for more info: Hawk Cars.

    3.0 12V 180bhp
    205 + 225/50-15
    approx. wt. 880 kg
    0-100km/h > 5.5sec

    Owner: A. Schmoll

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